You may have heard about Pre-roll videos or engaging with other YouTubers. But what is the best way to boost your YouTube views? Here are 5 tips to boost your videos’ view counts. Read on to learn about the benefits of engaging with other YouTubers. They’ll inspire more viewers to leave comments. They’ll also give you great ideas for future videos. And all this will take less than a minute! You can do all these things while surfing comments.


You’ve probably noticed that your video’s view count freezes at 301. This is a common phenomenon that can occur on YouTube. It has been a subject of conspiracy theories and glitches, but Ted Hamilton, product manager for YouTube analytics, has shed some light on the issue. To find out why this happens, watch the video below. To learn how to fix it, follow the steps below. You should see a dramatic jump in your view count as soon as possible!

Pre-roll videos

YouTube pre-roll videos are becoming a popular way to promote brand awareness and products, but the ad isn’t working as well as it should. Users are used to seeing pre-roll ads, but it’s becoming increasingly annoying when the video stretches for 30 seconds before they reach the content they’re looking for. To make your pre-roll ads more effective, you need to consider how YouTube users watch their content.

Mobile devices

As more people use mobile devices to watch YouTube videos, the amount of mobile views has increased. YouTube’s app is optimized for mobile viewing and enables users to view videos on the go. To make the most of this growth, content creators should monitor their data and watch their YouTube stats regularly. Below are some tips to maximize YouTube views on mobile devices. Read on for more information. Start buying views at themarketingheaven.com.

Engagement with other YouTubers

If you want to get more YouTube views, you need to engage with other YouTubers. While you don’t need to get more subscribers, you should aim for at least 50% of your viewers to watch your video. Content with a high viewership percentage will be favored by the YouTube algorithm. One strategy you can use to get more YouTube views is to use Pattern Interrupts, which are short, unexpected breaks in your video that cause viewers to re-engage with it.

Artificially inflating views

If you’re a musician, you’ve probably heard of viewbotting. YouTube banned videos that inflate their views with the use of automated robots. This practice, which involves buying fake views, is illegal and against YouTube’s Terms of Service. While there are ways to get more views without buying them, viewbotting has several disadvantages. Here are some of them: